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JEDI Juggler Club

Welcome to the Pell City FC Jedi Juggler Club, where the force of soccer mastery awakens in every young player! In this unique club, our soccer field transforms into a galaxy far, far away, where players embark on an epic journey from humble Initiates to revered Grand Masters in the art of juggling.

Armed with nothing but a soccer ball and their determination, members will navigate the path of the Jedi Juggler, learning the ancient ways of ball control, balance, and precision. Each level of mastery—from Initiate to Grand Master—brings its own challenges and rewards, encouraging our young padawans to push the boundaries of their abilities.

Here, the force is strong with those who practice, persevere, and believe in their potential. The Jedi Juggler Club isn't just about improving soccer skills; it's about building confidence, focus, and a deep connection with the beautiful game. As players progress through the ranks, they'll discover not only their inner Jedi but also a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts striving for excellence.

So, lace up your boots, young Jedi, and prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure. May your touches be light, your control be tight, and may the force of soccer always be with you in the Pell City FC Jedi Juggler Club.

the journey ahead

Jedi Juggler

Pell City FC Jedi Juggler Club: The Path to Mastery

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Pell City FC Jedi Juggler Club, where soccer meets the universe of Jedi mastery. Each member begins their quest with a ball at their feet, aiming to ascend through the ranks from an Initiate to the esteemed Grand Master. This innovative club blends the spirit of Star Wars with the passion for soccer, offering a structured pathway that challenges young players to refine their juggling skills. As players progress through the levels—Initiate, Youngling, Padawan, Knight, Master, to Grand Master—they develop unparalleled ball control, focus, and a deeper connection to the game. This unique system not only fosters technical skills but also instills discipline, perseverance, and the joy of personal achievement. Join the ranks of the Jedi Juggler Club and unlock your potential on the path to becoming a soccer Jedi.

  •         Initiate (1-15 Juggles): Just like a Jedi taking their first step into a larger world, our Initiates are embarking on their juggling journey. At this stage, it's all about discovering the ball and learning the very basics of control. Every touch counts, and each one is a step towards greater mastery.
  •         Youngling (16-30 Juggles): Younglings have moved beyond the initial discovery and are now demonstrating a budding connection with the ball. Here, players start to build consistency and confidence, showing that they have the potential to harness and develop their skills further.
  •         Padawan (31-50 Juggles): Padawans are apprentices who have shown significant promise and are now under the tutelage of more experienced players and coaches. At this level, players are refining their control and starting to explore more complex juggling techniques. They are learning not just to keep the ball up, but to do so with purpose and poise.
  •         Knight (51-99 Juggles): Knights have proven their dedication and skill, showing a level of ball control that sets them apart. They have overcome numerous challenges and can juggle with greater ease and confidence. Knights are looked up to by the younger ranks and are expected to lead by example, both in practice and in their commitment to improving.
  •         Master (100+ Juggles): Masters are those who have achieved a high degree of control and understanding of the ball. They are not just juggling; they are performing a dance of coordination, balance, and skill. Masters are expected to inspire those in the lower ranks and are often called upon to share their wisdom and techniques.
  •         Grand Master (Most in Club at the Master Level): The Grand Master is the pinnacle of juggling achievement within our club. This title is reserved for the individual who not only reaches the Master level but does so with the highest count of juggles. A Grand Master shows exceptional dedication and skill, setting the standard for all club members and embodying the spirit of the Jedi Juggle Club.

showcase your Jedi status

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Add Your Jedi Status to Your Training Jersey

Upon ascending to the prestigious rank of Jedi Juggler, our dedicated athletes will be honored with a special iron-on transfer emblem, symbolizing their mastery and dedication. This emblem is to be proudly displayed on their training jersey, serving as a badge of honor and a testament to their hard-earned skills. When a player achieves the esteemed level of Jedi Master, they will receive a distinguished set of stars to add beneath their Jedi Knight emblem. These stars are a mark of their advanced prowess and commitment to excellence in the art of juggling. We encourage our players to wear these symbols with pride, as they not only represent personal achievement but also inspire and motivate fellow athletes within the Pell City FC community to strive for greatness.

JEDI Juggler Club


JEDI Juggler Club


The Jedi Trials

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The Force is STRONG Leaderboard

Name Count Rank
Noah Rice-Thompson 142 Grand Master
Israel Rivera Jr 82 Knight
Jude Flurry 79 Knight
J'Den Arnaez 74 Knight
Ezra Flurry 64 Knight
David Guerrero Trejo 64 Knight
Mathis Hawk 55 Knight
Parker Cowart 53 Knight
Elias Hernani 53 Knight
Weston Manning 22 Youngling
Cooper Peacock 17 Youngling
Parker Stamps 17 Youngling
Lyla Bowman 16 Youngling
Dax Chavez 16 Youngling
George Walker 16 Youngling
Rylan Southern 14 Initiate
Airelin Grizzard 12 Initiate
Collin Jennison 12 Initiate
Braxton Huys 11 Initiate
Joseph Weist 9 Initiate
Carson Abel 8 Initiate
Zayden Thomas 8 Initiate
Grayson Barragan 6 Initiate
Mason Praytor 6 Initiate
Walker Cain 5 Initiate
Ainsley Gibson 5 Initiate
Tyler Praytor 5 Initiate
Ryker Realmuto 5 Initiate
Daxton Shawcroft 5 Initiate
Justin Martin 4 Initiate
Kalyee Brownlow 3 Initiate
Tucker Gibson 3 Initiate
Liam Sepulveda 3 Initiate
Oliver Shawcroft 3 Initiate
River Warren 3 Initiate
Kalyan Brownlow 2 Initiate
Jacoby Mapson 2 Initiate
Gracelynn Keller 2 Initiate
Jozelynn Keller 1 Initiate
JEDI Juggler Club