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The "Foundation" page is a curated collection of activities designed to significantly enhance players' ball control and skill levels. Each activity is demonstrated through instructional videos, emphasizing the importance of performing them with maximum effort and intensity. When executed correctly, these exercises can yield over 600 touches on the ball in just a few minutes. This high-intensity approach ensures that players not only practice regularly but also focus on the quality and effectiveness of each repetition. Regular and intense practice of these activities is key to noticeable improvements in technical skills, encouraging players to incorporate them into their daily routine for optimal development in soccer fundamentals.


  1. Sole Taps
  2. Shuffles
  3. V-Shapes
  4. L-Shapes
  5. Shuffle Roll Overs
  6. La Croqueta

Activity 1

Sole Taps

Sole taps are a basic ball control exercise where the player uses the bottom (sole) of their foot to tap the top of the soccer ball. This action ione while alternating feet and can be performed stationary or while moving around. Sole taps help improve a player's touch, control, and coordination with the ball and enhance footwork and ball-handling skills.

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Activity 2


"Shuffles" or "Tic-Tocs" are a warm-up exercise focused on quick footwork and ball control. This drill involves a player moving the ball quickly between their feet, using the insides of the shoes. It's akin to a rapid, side-to-side motion, where the player gently taps the ball from one foot to the other in a rhythmic pattern. This exercise enhances agility, coordination, and the ability to maintain close control of the ball, which are essential skills for effective play on the soccer field.

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Activity 3


"V-Shapes" refer to a ball control exercise where a player uses the sole of their foot to drag the ball back towards themselves and then pushes it diagonally forward with the inside of the same foot, forming a 'V' pattern on the ground. This movement is then repeated with the other foot, continuing in a fluid, alternating motion. The exercise enhances a player's ability to manipulate the ball with both feet, improving agility, control, and coordination. It's particularly useful for developing skills in changing direction quickly while maintaining close control of the ball, a vital aspect for dribbling and evading opponents in a game.

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Activity 4


"L-Shapes" are a ball control drill where a player uses the sole of their foot to pull the ball back towards themselves and then uses the inside of the same foot to push it across their body, behind the standing leg. This movement creates an 'L' pattern on the ground. The exercise helps improve footwork, agility, and the ability to quickly change direction with the ball, which is crucial in tight game situations. It's an effective drill for developing close ball control and enhancing a player's ability to maneuver around opponents.

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Activity 5

Shuffle Roll Overs

"Shuffle Roll Overs" focus on enhancing ball control and foot agility. This exercise involves a player using the sole of their foot to roll the ball across their body from one foot to the other, in a continuous, fluid motion. As the ball reaches the other foot, the player performs a Shuffle with the ball and then repeats the action, creating a rhythmic and controlled movement of the ball. This drill helps in developing quick feet, fine-tuning touch, and improving coordination. It's particularly effective for learning how to maintain close control of the ball while shifting it rapidly between feet, a skill that is useful for dribbling and evading defenders during a match.

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Activity 6

La Croqueta

The "La Croqueta" is a popular soccer move, famously used by Spanish midfielder Andrés Iniesta. It involves a quick and fluid sidestep to dodge an opponent while maintaining close control of the ball. The player uses the inside of one foot to push the ball sideways, stepping past the defender, and then quickly retrieving the ball with the other foot. This maneuver is effective in tight spaces and is used to bypass an opponent who is attempting to tackle or block the ball. The key to executing La Croqueta successfully is timing and the speed at which the ball is moved from one foot to the other, making it difficult for the defender to react in time. This move requires good ball control and agility, and it is often used by players who have the skill to manipulate the ball swiftly under pressure.

The demo video provides an insightful demonstration of the La Croqueta move, including a forward push technique to effectively bypass defenders. While this addition is beneficial, it's important for foundational training to focus primarily on the skillful flip of the ball back and forth between feet. This aspect is crucial for mastering the move.

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